Show status of MySQL imports using PipeViewer

While working on my current application, I had to import a large database using mysql from a sql dump. The size of the sql dump was around 1.5 GB and hence the import was taking long time. I just felt the need of some tool that could help me check the progress of the import. The command I used was: [sql] mysql --user=username...

by Nikhil Bhandari
Tag: mysqldump


mysqldump of particular records without create – drop of tables

Hi,   Recently i was in a situation where i need to take the dump of particular records in mysql. We are pretty much familiar with the normal mysqldump statement given below : [sql] mysqldump --user=usr --password=pwd database_name table_name > dumpFile.sql; [/sql] The above statement will provide us the dump of the...

by Tarun Pareek
Tag: mysqldump