SpringOne2GX 2015 – Day 3 : Sessions, Talks and Take Aways

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The Day 3, the second last day of the most awaited conference of developers, leaders and organisations working in Java, Spring, Groovy and Grails ecosystem started with a wonderful breakfasted at 7:30 AM in the morning.
TO THE NEW Digital, leaders and contributors in Grails, marked their enthusiastic presence on the Day 3 as well and here is below the summary of the Day.

Forty five parallel sessions in various extremely important topics of Spring, Cloud Native, Groovy and Grails, Big Data, Advanced tracks of Groovy, Web and Java Script ere scheduled throughout the day.
Lets do a quick recap of some of these sessions at Day#3 SpringOne 2GX.

Grails 3.X Inside And Out By Graeme Rocher

Graeme Rocher, Grails Project Lead at OCI drove all the audience to a deep dive onto Grails Framework ver 3.0. He started the session with a Demo where he created a plugin for sending Emails. He emphasized on Groovy Traits and how good they could be used and how easier is to write Test Cases on Traits.
He also mentioned on a couple of built in Traits. Grails Build system was on GANT and now it has moved to Gradle. Rocher also demoed how couple of things which could be achieved in GANT would now be done with Gradle.

This was one of the most interesting and knowledge oriented session of SpringOne 2GX 2015 by the legendry speaker and one of the co – founder of the Grails Framework himself.


Convention Over Configuration: The Gradle Way By Cédric Champeau

Gradle is a Dependency Management and execution system and this session was all about the past, present and future of Gradle. Cédric Champeau mentioned that the Gradle is plugin friendly, language agnostic and is indeed designed for extensions. He talked about Gradle basics and mentioned in detail about Gradle Wrapper which helps to enforce specific version of Gradle. Demo for how to compile Java application using Gradle was next, followed by tasks, Integration Tests with Gradle. Writing, publishing and using plugins for Gradle was nicely explained in this session.

He mentioned that the Gradle is superior to other Build systems as model is important to Gradle. He talked about the future of Gradle where Gradle would want to now the model of Plugin . Coming up @Managed, @Model, @Mutate.



Hadoop Workflows And Distributed Yarn Apps Using Spring Technologies By Thomas Risberg & Janne Valkealahti

An amazing Live Demo and explanatory session on integrating Hadoop Workflows, batches and YARN apps with Spring. Thomas Risberg and
Janne Valkealahti interestingly talked about the “Consistent Programming Model”, “Developer Productivity (creating well defined apps)” and several use cases. Not only did they talked about cluster metrics in Hive Jobs, but also demonstrated how to connect Hadoop to Cloud Foundry, and mentioned below recommendations :

  • Deploy Hadoop separately
  • Use user provided sessions
  • Refer to VCAP_SERVICES environment variable value in Bot config file.

The session next talked about Spring Cloud on YARN, where the speaker drove through Cloud Dataflow and YARN module Deployer. The next moment became even more interesting when Speakers started discussion on “State Machines” and Spring State Machine. There was an amazing Demo on Distributed State Machines which drew attention of hall packed audience drastically, which lead to the end of the discusion.



Building a next-generation cloud e-commerce platform with Spring By Petar Tahchiev

Petar Tahchiev talked about his journey of building ECommerce system with Spring Technologies. He mentioned couple of problems that were faced initially :

  • Legacy Software Issues
  • Modularity Issues
  • Infra issues etc.

The solutions identified :

  • Enterprise
  • Cloud Ready
  • FOSS
  • Modular
  • Open standards
  • REST
  • Demo store friendly.

Below Spring technologies helped to achieve solutions :

  • Spring Platform BOM
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring REST
  • Spring Batches
  • Spring WebMVC
  • Spring Mobile


Grails & The Real-Time World By Iván López

Iván López, highlighted that in a hyper-connected world the concept “Real Time” is used more and more every day. The project we build using traditional Grails architecture is not well suited to achieve the real-time application challanges.

Later on he focused on some good architecture:

  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • Build high performance and scalable system
  • Keep business logic where it belongs

The solution exists in Grails world either as a plugin or as a core framework feature:

  • Platform core plugin
  • Events plugin
  • Executor plugin
  • Grails 2.3 async
  • Grails 3.x events

He demoed the concepts using Enterprise Integration Patterns. He demoed on Spring Integration and its integration with external systems like websockets and XMPP in an easy and decoupled way.


Bringing Javax.Cache’ing To Your Application By Chris Dennis and Alex Snaps

This session talked a lot about one of the most important performance enabler which is indeed caching. Cache is everywhere whether its CPU, Network, Browser, Disk or whatever. We need cache because, “The Closer, the Faster and the Better”. Cache is precisely a data structure holding temporary copy of data.

There was detailed discussion on the JSR-107 (aka JCache)
JSR – 107 says :

  • Cache Managers
  • Expiry
  • Integration
  • Cache Entry Listeners
  • Caching Annotations
  • Managements

JSR-107 is “Store By Value”.
Following this was demo on Cache using famous “Pet Clinic” demo. There was some interesting discussion on encache, JPA Entities, Hibernate Caching Entities.



Groovy and Grails : Birds of Feather

– “GVM 3.0 RELEASED. Its now SDKMAN”

BoF was undoubtedly the most awaited session for the day, started at 7PM to last than 2 hours which is always less for such discussions.

Yes, Marco Vermeulen released 3.0 version of GVM, Live in this session with a new name SDKMNAN.

Marco talked about what’s new in SDKMAN (GVM 3.0) and also about SDKMAN architecture. SDKMAN website : sdkman.io

Few highlights of SDKMAN as discussed in the session :

  • Client Server Architecture
  • Bash client
  • Broker API
  • Mongo DB
  • Heroku + Cloud Foundry
  • drone.io + Code Ship
  • Broadcast API : Groovy Spring Boot
  • Release API : Scala Spring Boot
  • Secure Vendor API

The legends of Groovy and Grails ecosystem and key contributors to the community Graeme Rocher, Jeff Scott Brown, Guillaume Laforge, Paul King, Cédric Champeau, Marco Vermeulen and many more were all present for this 2 hour session in the evening to talk about the past, present and future of the Groovy Ecosystem, take the feedback, answer the questions, emphasize on supporting the community and making it even bigger.

This was the end of the Day 3 at 9 AM with the BoF discussions which left the audience confident, happy and enthusiastic with power and stability of Groovy ecosystem.

It was a long day but it made us even more excited for Day 3 @SpringOne2GX #s2gx.

Interesting tweets of the day during conference

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