Supercharge Your Business Growth by Making the Most of Your Marketing Automation With Act-On

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What is Marketing Automation, and why should your company use marketing automation?

According to a Statista report, sales productivity has increased by 14.5% due to marketing automation, and marketing expenses have decreased by 12.2%

Let’s deep dive into what Marketing automation is about – Marketing automation is the simplification, automation, and measurement of marketing processes and workflows to boost operational effectiveness and accelerate revenue growth. 

Every business aspires to generate more revenue, expand quickly, and do so while spending less. However, many companies struggle to align their personnel, processes, and technology with these goals.

This issue can be resolved via Marketing Automation. Its goal is to automate time-consuming processes so that organizations may sell more effectively through various channels.

How to choose the best Marketing Automation software

Marketing Automation software might be helpful if a company uses it wisely. This software can be used by SMBs (Small and Midsize Businesses) in particular to manage chores and save time through automation. The software’s main goal is to offer a platform for unified communication so that the marketing team can follow and comprehend a customer’s marketing journey. 

There are several things to consider before looking at marketing automation software, including what the company already has, the desired functionality and connection, and how an organization will use marketing automation. Is this your first time buying this? Or does your company intend to replace an existing marketing automation tool? What characteristics does your business require? What additional software, often known as the MarTech stack, will be incorporated with the platform? 

Before moving ahead, you must respond to these queries.

Here are some of the tools available to use as a Marketing Automation platform:

  • HubSpotHubSpot is an inbound marketing solution designed to convert outbound prospects into inbound ones. For content marketing, it works perfectly.
  • Act-OnAct-On’s cloud-based platform allows you to manage your nurturing campaigns by connecting inbound and outbound leads. There are a tonne of additional useful tools as well, such as landing page design. For marketing agencies, it works best.
  • MarketoMarketo, an Adobe company, is a cloud-based solution for both large and small businesses that not only aids in developing customer relationships but also aids in their maintenance. You may increase sales using this marketing software’s lead management, mobile marketing, and other features.
  • Pardot Pardot, a Salesforce company, is the ideal marketing automation tool to increase your revenue. Leverage CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting to increase engagement. This resource is ideal for assisting sales teams in reducing sales cycles.

Why did we pick Act-On as our Marketing Automation platform?

Act-On was created by marketers for marketers and is the top-growing marketing automation platform in the world. Act-On has multiple recognitions such as Emerging Favorite in Campaign Management Software (2021), Landing Page Software (2021) category, Noteworthy Product in Social Media Management Software (2021) category, etc., that makes it one of the favorites marketing automation platforms among marketers.

This platform is designed to provide adaptive, scalable, and dynamic marketing automation for marketers and teams of different sizes, industries, and growth expectations. The best part about Act-On is that it is simple to set up, extremely customizable to your needs, and maintained by the best customer support team in the business.

Here are the main reasons we use and recommend Act-On

Act-On has all the marketing automation features we require without making things overly complicated or requiring us to vouch for a complete line of products. It provides us with all the marketing tools we require without using excessive platforms that are expensive and difficult to use.

Features of the platform include:

  • Website visitor engagement tracking and intent reporting.
  • Deep integrations with top CRM systems.
  • Dynamic lead scoring, segmenting and nurturing.
  • Social media prospecting, publishing, and advocacy.
  • Easily customizable web forms, landing pages, and email templates.
  • Event-triggered and transactional emailing.
  • Active contact-based pricing for actual usage billing are just a few of the features available.

The Act-On platform provides growth marketing value for companies and marketers of any size, shape, location, and scale thanks to interactive and dynamic reporting and analytics to evaluate, showcase, and improve performance.

Comparison of Act-On with other prominent Marketing Automation platforms 

Act-On Comparison Table

How TO THE NEW can help you get the most out of Act-on and help you to grow in the field of Marketing Automation

Act-on’s email and landing page builders make it simple to design emails and landing pages with a variety of customization choices, which increases user engagement with the content and increases lead generation. We assisted some of the biggest pharmaceutical businesses we worked for in lead creation by using drip marketing. 

Our primary goal in creating the emails for the drip campaign was to make the content more tempting and interesting. Appropriate testing was carried out before sending the emails to ensure that there were no anomalies, and as a result, we received an average click rate of 26%, which is significantly higher than the best email click rate in the industry. 

The experience of creating multiple landing pages on Act-On was also  quite smooth, there’s a dedicated section for Display URLs that will be shown in the browser’s address bar that helped us to easily create new public URLs for enhanced SEO and shareability.

We changed how the Landing Page appears in search engine results and other places such as social media. Our average landing page conversion rate falls around 5.4% which is more as compared to the industry standards.

TO THE NEW provides an end-to-end Marketing Automation Partner with a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including front-end & back-end development, platform set-up & implementation, CRM integration, performance-led marketing initiatives, and various aspects of Inbound Marketing.

Summary and Conclusion

Effective marketing can help you stand out from competitors. Nevertheless, keeping track of which marketing tactics are effective and which ones are not can be challenging. Even then, paying attention to them all at once is challenging. It’s not always possible because of lack of time or energy. Thankfully, marketing automation technologies are available to make marketing easier and simpler for you and your team. By automating, you may direct your time and attention to other tasks that will improve the performance of your business.


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