Difference between call() and apply() method of JavaScript

Many people get confused with these two functions in JavaScript, most of the time people think that we can pass an object in apply() and access it with this which is not possible with the call() method. But that is not the case, let's see an example which will make it more clear. Using call() method: [js] (function sum(a,b,c) { ...

by Suroor Wijdan
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Playing with call() using Groovy Metaprogramming

In groovy you can use "()" with any groovy object which in turn evaluates to invocation of call() method on that object. For example, the following are valid Groovy statements : [groovy] List myList=["one", "two"] myList() 10() 500 6+5 [name:"Bhagwat", profession:"Software engineer"] name ...

by Bhagwat Kumar
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