Grails productivity enhancer. The unsung hero ‘grails interactive mode’

Of late, I have been thinking about the popularity of grails interactive mode amongst developers. I found that though most of us are aware of this mode but we don't use it as often, as it should be. Where should I use grails --interactive mode while developing in grails? The answer may vary from person to person and the level of...

by Mohd Farid
Tag: Tricks


Linux Trick for screen collaboration or shell sharing

In recent week, i got to know about really good way of collaborating the screen in a linux.   Let us take a scenario, Suppose User having name 'B' on the 5th floor of the company is having a problem/difficulty related to code execution, unable to figure out what to do?, and then he call the fellow guy who can help him out, but he...

by Tarun Pareek
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