Replace your lead tracking spreadsheets with a Marketing Automation Platform

04 / Jul / 2022 by Manish Kumar Rohilla 0 comments

Are you still using dated lead tracking spreadsheets to capture your marketing qualified leads?

The risk of human error, the continuous updating of, and (gasp!) the manual transfer of information involved with common lead tracking spreadsheets are frustrating and riddled with inaccuracies. While marketing spreadsheets had their place ages ago, they have now been replaced with a newer, updated model – marketing automation.

What is a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)?
A Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is a multi-functional program (or suite of programs or applications) used to streamline and automate typical, time-crushing, and often tedious marketing duties across all channels including websites, email marketing, and social platforms. Diverse MAPs, provided by companies like Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Act-On, etc. have been developed to customize marketing automation efforts for every size company, in every industry.

Marketing Automation Platform Benefits
While there are countless marketing automation platform benefits, a few stand out to increase your bottom line through productivity boosts and curing defects – ensuring your lead data is valid and ready for a strategic plan to move your prospects through the buyer’s journey and down your sales funnel.

  • Impactful Tracking – Not only can marketing automation platforms compile and track your lead generation activities, but they also organize the information in order to develop measurable metrics to gain insight into campaign success
  • System Integration – Worried that your old spreadsheet information is erroneously entered into other systems or platforms? Marketing automation platforms avoid manually-entered inaccuracies through intuitive and seamless system integrations
  • Targeted Marketing Ad Spend – Gaining marketing insight through metrics with MAPs leads to the development of personalized marketing strategies based on every lead’s position in the consideration cycle resulting in higher conversion rates
  • Email Marketing – Experts say, “The money is in the list.” Your marketing automation platform rolls information directly into your email autoresponder application to trigger the right email, and the right time to turn your leads into actual paying customers.

If you’ve considered various options to up your lead generation game… look no further than marketing automation. It’s time to scale your business with Marketing Automation Platforms by reducing error potential, attaining actual insight, and using that information to target leads effectively – and watch your bottom line surge.


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