AWS Device Farm: A service to test mobile apps on real devices

10 / Jul / 2015 by Ankit Giri 0 comments

AWS Device Farms

Device Farms is a recently introduced service that can test mobile apps on real devices in the AWS Cloud. Currently, it supports Android and Fire OS apps. This service can be used to improve the quality of testing by running the test on real smartphones and tablets with different hardware, OS versions and form factors.

This is how it works

How it worksSource:


AWS offers first 250 device minutes for free.

Pricing is done on device minutes basis, which is calculated by the number of devices used and the duration of the tests. After the first 250 device minutes (which are being offered for free), we will be charged $0.17 per device minute. AWS Device Farm also makes the available unmetered testing plan, which allows us to do unlimited testing for a fee of $250 per device per month.

Benefits of using AWS Device Farms

  • Testing apps on a variety of devices.
  • Issues can be detected faster and hence can be solved faster.
  • Can be used to predict and test in real-world environments.
  • We can choose from a range of open-source test frameworks like Appium.
  • With available service plug-ins and API, we can automatically initiate tests from Continuous Integration tools (CI) like Jenkins.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on AWS Device Farms Demo.


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