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Top 5 Considerations for Mobile App Development

With the widespread technology evolution and digitalization, mobile apps have become crucial for consumers and businesses alike. Moreover, the explosive growth in mobile adoption has put enormous pressure on IT leaders. Be it retail, banking, FMCG or healthcare, all kinds of businesses are striving to develop an app to take advantage of...

by Shweta Sharma
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App Thinning for iOS, tvOS and watchOS

App thinning is a concept for modern day interactive apps where there are a lot of resources. The App Store and OS install the app according to the device, with a minimal footprint. This helps in making the app which occupies less space, are easy to download and make use of all features. Faster downloads and minimum space occupancy gives...

by Ashish Jain
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Video Based Mobile Apps

This is a case study to analyse the best features of a few video based mobile applications. 1. DUBSMASH Lets start with the most trending app - Dubsmash. I am sure most of us have used or at least heard of this app. Its one of its kind, as it is a video messaging app. This app is a platform where you can create selfie...

by Kriti Awasthi
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AWS, Technology

AWS Device Farm: A service to test mobile apps on real devices

AWS Device Farms Device Farms is a recently introduced service that can test mobile apps on real devices in the AWS Cloud. Currently, it supports Android and Fire OS apps. This service can be used to improve the quality of testing by running the test on real smartphones and tablets with different hardware, OS versions and form factors. ...

by Ankit Giri
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Install RhoSync on ubuntu 11.10 (with fix)

Recently, I was trying to install RhoMobile suite on my ubuntu11.10 machine. And faced some issues for installing 'rhosync' package. This blog tells how to fix these issues (as they worked for me).   I am assuming ruby and gem are already installed on your machine. Note: if you are on older version of ruby please upgrade to...

by Salil
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