AWS re:Invent 2015 – Day 1 @Las Vegas

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So, the big event has started and TO THE NEW is also taking part at AWS re:Invent 2015 annual conference this year again. This event is going to feature more than 250+ Technical session, Keynotes announcements, Partner expo, Hackathon and many more. A huge number of companies are here to showcase their product at Partner expo and thousands of technical teams here to learn and take deep dive in AWS.

Day-1 was exceptionally well planned in the different individual section with distinct agendas.

Our day started with Partner Solution Explorer sessions where based on your business priorities the tool will search best-fit AWS consulting partners through its database. It was wonderful to see Partner Solution Explorer Tool listing TO THE NEW as one of the proven AWS Consulting Partner.IMG-20151006-WA0007


Following it, next was Global Partner Summit Keynote which was kicked off by Terry Wise (Vice President, Channels & Alliances) which is conducted only for the partners where he made following announcements:

DevOps Competency for Consulting and Technology partners.

Just  after this Keynote, break-out sessions started where people got divided as per their individual preferences and requirement. Following were few of them and some learning:

Partner Managed Services on AWS: This session was about preparing potential partners to become as Managed Service Partners those deals not only with Operational Support to the customers but also helping the customers to build and run the complete infra including Development, Deployment & Deliveries, Configuration Management, Monitoring etc.

Patterns & Best Practices for VPC, DirectConnect & VPN:  This was hard technical session which showed DirectConnect as a choice over VPN to connect On Premise Datacenter to AWS and how it should be configured. DirectConnect is the only AWS service which uses Physical Layer from OSI. It also mentioned about VPC, DirectConnect, VPN Best Practices.

Account Management, Amazon VPC design and Best Practices:  This session was mainly about best practices and explore challenges around building and operating application on a massive scale. More discussion happened on network configuration using VPC, account management, and operational best practice to support a large number of users, business unit and application.

Security Best Practices & Compliance: The idea of this session was to consider security as the top priority even in the case of any compliance required. Root MFA, IAM and Security Policies Auditing were the most immediate items that should be enabled on any AWS account. Making use of AWS Config and Cloud Trail were the next items in the list. AICPA, HIPAA, ISO and several other compliance were shown to be supported by AWS. Sharing Role ARN was chosen over sharing Keys for cross-account IAM roles.

DevOps for the cloud: Continuous Integration and Delivery on AWS: In this session we learned about continuous integration and delivery enables companies to improve the quality of their software while reducing the time it takes to deliver the production environment.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS: Best Practices and Pattern for architecture, migration and Licensing: In this session we have gone through architectural consideration, implementation steps and best practice for deploying and administering key. More deep dive was on, How we can migrate Windows 2003 servers and what options are available for moving legacy to the AWS cloud.

Next and the last thing for the day was re:Invent Central where most of the technology partners demonstrated their products running and supporting on AWS and another cloud Infra. There were multiple booths where people were seen to be really excited about the new products which could help them automate or initiate new workloads on AWS.

We came out with really an awesome experience of our 1st Day at re:Invent. Looking forward to more.


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  1. Amit Naudiyal

    Got to know more about how companies are making use of AWS services within their expertise/capacities to help Partners for Monitoring, Backup, Operational Support, Log Analysis, Security and Compliance for their customers.


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