Develop Newsletter from Basics to Advanced

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What Is A Newsletter?

A newsletter is an email which you can send to your customers to update them regarding the brand’s latest products and services. You can also share valuable blog posts or industry news or inform them about your offers and discounts.

Dos and Don’ts in Newsletter:

  • Use only inline css.
  • Always define font-size, line-height, color and font-family in your style.
  • You can only use td for writing any content and no other tags should be used.
  • Do not use ul li or ol li for lists.
  • Only a tag should be used for links.
  • Whenever you add space from sides you have to create a table hierarchy for that.
  • Avoid using rgb or rgba format of color, always give hexcode.
  • Only png images are used.

How to develop a Newsletter?

We will see the process of development of the newsletter step-by-step.

1. Getting Started: How to create file for Newsletter:

Always save newsletter files with <news-blog.html>.

Inside your html file, always starts with a few lines of code as below.

2. Newsletter Recommended Size:

Remember, design your newsletter with a width of around 600px. The average “preview pane” size in most desktop email clients is 600px.

The above format of newsletter is fixed at width 600px. Also add background color to your body tag so that your newsletter will look professional.

3. Basic structure of Newsletter:

Newsletters are developed in a proper format. A single mistake in your format may lead to improper formatting of your newsletter. 

Now let’s see the structure of using tables in a newsletter.

The newsletter is divided into sections, so whenever you are developing a section, always use the above structure. 

4. Always add empty space inside every section:

Add space from top to bottom and left to right in every section of the newsletter.

Remember, we can not give left and top width together, likewise we cannot give right and bottom width together. The main reason behind this is while giving left and right space we use width and while giving space to top and bottom , we use height.

5. How header section will develop:

Use hierarchy before writing anything. In the below image you will see how our header part is created.


6. How banner section will develop:

For the banner section you only need to insert the image in the img tag.

And the hierarchy should be like this only:


7. How main section is develop:

For the main section you have multiple sub-sections, so always use comments inside your code to increase readability of your code.


8. How footer section is develop:

To wrap things up,one should develop a footer, which will allow subscribers to get in contact or to unsubscribe from the newsletter. 

You can add your website social links, address, contact information in this particular section. This section can contain logos, images and icons of your site. 



While developing newsletters, you should remember that each above step is necessary. Any mistake in any step may lead to an improper newsletter format.


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