Ethical Social Networking

16 / Jun / 2016 by Satyendra Singh 0 comments

I recently came to notice a post on one of the social networking site depicting a certain number of candidates qualified from a particular state in a very much reputed exam of India.

What was wrong in the post was that it claimed absolute wrong figures of candidates qualified in the exam and that also in biased manner, which further says that a certain amount of candidates have qualified this exams from a particular kind of community from a particular state.

Anyone can see rumors being spreading in social networking in the name of religions, country, disbelief, and misinterpretation of right information and most recent use of it for incubating young minds into terrorism by many terrorist organizations.

I think every responsible citizen must know the seriousness of this problem.

Why anyone do does that?

I mean, why do anyone spreads wrong and unlawful information in a platform which now-a-days has gained so much popularity for initiating a social awareness program, and for many other initiatives which actually help the end users and people associated with them and to whom the initiative is actually meant.

The present generation uses social media and other online platforms for getting aware of may happenings in and around the world and the coming generation will be heavily dependent and using the online platform for learning and for everything we did by writing letters to our beloved and visiting them.

Present generation play online, entertain themselves online, and learn online, meet online.

There can be, actually, an ethical use of online social networking platforms for providing the right information and at the right place in right manner.

The question here arises is that how can wrong information be traced and be stopped from spreading? And the answer to that is there is no such criteria which can define the information as wrong or right.


The answer is that we have to consider it from our end to maintain and commit to the right and ethical use of social networking platform.

Then what does ethical and right means in pretext of online social networking?

We humans do tell lies and spreads rumors even in real world and so why should I care what I am writing and sharing in online medium as far as it gives me pleasure and fun.

So is it? It is only pleasure, fun and envy fulfillment.

It can be for the present generation which have no knowledge of who we humans actually are and what actually gives us pleasure and keeps us away from only wrong thing in this world of harming others for fulfilling our selfish demands.

The answer is very simple yet very complex to understand in-depth. Sharing wrong information will only lead to spreading of negativeness into the society we live in and which will certainly hit ourselves once.

Let’s do one thing than, use online platform for spreading right information, for spreading joys into the society and not sorrows.


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