Exploring AWS Graviton’s Compatibility and Support for Common Software and Frameworks

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The Arm-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) Graviton platform has become a strong contender for cloud computing applications. Graviton is becoming increasingly well-liked among developers and businesses thanks to its improved performance and low cost. Graviton smoothly connects with a variety of AWS services in addition to being compatible with widely used software and frameworks. To help you use this technology wisely, we will explore AWS Graviton’s compatibility with various AWS services in this blog. We will also highlight the benefits it offers your cloud infrastructure by delving into the compatibility and support of AWS Graviton for popular software and frameworks. 

Problem for Software and Framework with Graviton Compatibility

While Graviton does not support every software and framework natively, it may be extended using plugins and packages to offer extra features and support for multiple languages and technologies. Specific plugins and packages’ availability can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the official repository or community forums for the most up-to-date information on supported software and frameworks.

AWS Graviton’s compatibility with various Software and Frameworks

  • Common Tools and Framework

(Version Specific)
Docker YES
Kubernetes YES
Jenkins (>=2.4.2) (<2.4.2)
Gitlab YES
Circle CI and Travis CI YES
Prometheus (>=2.42.0) (<2.42.0)
Grafana (>=5.4.3) (<5.4.3)
Elasticsearch (>=7.7.0) (<7.7.0)
Kibana (>=7.9.0) (<7.9.0)
Logstash (>=7.10.0) (<7.10.0)
Terraform YES
Ansible YES
Chef and Puppet YES
.NET (>=4.8.1 and 3.1 or 2.1) (<4.8.1)
Java YES
React YES
Node.js YES
Ruby YES
Python YES
Golang (>=1.16) (<1.16)
Scala (>=2.1) (<2.1)
  • Web Servers and Application Servers:

    The compatibility of Graviton includes numerous web servers and application servers, including:

    1. Apache HTTP Server: It is a popular and highly flexible web server supported by Graviton instances.
    2. NGINX: NGINX is a high-performance web server renowned for its scalability and effectiveness, and Graviton instances are compatible with it.

AWS Graviton’s compatibility with various AWS services

  • Amazon EC2 Instances:

    Graviton provides solutions that fit your particular needs, whether you need general-purpose, compute-optimized, or memory-optimized instances

  • Amazon Aurora:

    You may obtain optimum database performance while enjoying the affordability and effectiveness of Arm-based processors.

  • Amazon RDS:

    Gives you a low-cost, high-performance choice for your MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MariaDB databases.

  • AWS Lambda:

    Performance advantages of Arm-based processors for event-driven and serverless workloads by executing Lambda functions on Graviton instances.

  • Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS:

    Containerized application deployment and administration made simple. Utilizing the improved performance and cost-effectiveness of Graviton-based instances

    Docker Buildx allows you to create multi-arch images.

    1. Docker Buildx: It allows developers to create and manage multi-platform container images with increased performance and flexibility.
    2. Fargate: You receive the serverless benefits of Fargate, the price-performance advantages of Graviton2, and the option to employ a container compute processor of your choice with Graviton2 support for Fargate. 
  • Amazon S3:

    Efficiently access and store data in S3 using Graviton instances, delivering excellent performance for your workloads that require a lot of data.

  • AWS Batch:

    You can effectively perform batch computing tasks by taking advantage of the scalability and affordability of Arm-based processors.

  • Amazon EMR:

    Optimize costs while improving the performance of your big data analytics and processing workloads by using Graviton.

  • Amazon DocumentDB:

    Depending on the database size, provide performance improvements for Amazon DocumentDB workloads of up to 30%

Services Supported by AWS for AWS Graviton

AWS Services that are supporting Graviton

AWS Service and common tools that don’t support Graviton

  • AWS OpsWorks :

    Graviton instances are not supported in Stacks.

  • AWS SageMaker :

    Amazon SageMaker does not support Graviton-based instances for multi-model endpoints.

The only problem with several common tools and frameworks is that only a specific version of the software does, or you could say that only those programs support Graviton, whose version was released after it was introduced. Some of the tools are included in the list above, either with or without support for a particular version.


AWS Graviton is a desirable option for developers and businesses due to its interoperability and support for popular applications and frameworks. Graviton offers a robust ecosystem to meet your needs, whether running web servers, databases, containers, or using particular programming languages and frameworks. Graviton performance and cost benefits can be used to improve your cloud workloads and boost productivity. Visit our services for better AWS Graviton insights. 


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