How to Edit or Manage a Landing page in Hubspot

25 / May / 2016 by Samson Gill 0 comments

As I mentioned in my previous blog post (How to Create a landing page on Hubspot) that there are two steps to create a landing page on Hubspot.

First is creating a template and second is creating a landing using that template, Now in this post we will see how to edit or manage the landing pages.

Why Create Template

For the landing pages with same layout, we should create a template. It facilitates us to make changes across all the pages with a single change in the template.

Why Create Landing page

The best answer could be because they facilitate in increasing your conversion rate.

Following are the steps on how to edit or manage our landing pages:

1) Go to content from top menu
2) Select Landing pages


3) Then select your landing page which you want to edit


4) Now select the edit form top right Menu


5) Edit your page using modules in the right menu


6) Select any module which you want to edit


7) Click on save
8) Click on update at the top right


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