How to Install and Setup Drupal Code Sniffer?

10 / Feb / 2017 by Jitendra Verma 2 comments

About Drupal Coder

Coder checks Drupal code against Drupal coding standards and other best practices. It can also fix coding standard violations for you with the phpcs and phpcbf command from PHP_CodeSniffer

Installing and setup Drupal coder

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Follow the steps below to install coder

  • Open a Terminal window
  • Go to home directory
    Cd ~
  • Clone the latest code version using git
    git clone –branch 8.x-2.x
    cd coder
  • Install dependencies using composer
    composer install
  • Create a symlink for the phpcs and phpcbf command
    sudo ln -s ~/coder/vendor/bin/phpcs /usr/bin/phpcs
    sudo ln -s ~/coder/vendor/bin/phpcbf /usr/bin/phpcf
  • Register the Drupal and Drupal Practice Standard with PHPCS
    phpcs –config-set installed_paths ~/coder/coder_sniffer

How to use

  • To check the file for coding standard
    phpcs –standard=DrupalPractice </path/to/example.module>
  • To check the complete directory recursively for coding standards
    phpcs –standard=DrupalPractice <path to directory>

Some issue could be resolved automatically by phpcbf

  • To fix error in file
    phpcbf –standard=Drupal <path to file with file name>
  • To fix error in the complete directory
    phpcbf –standard=Drupal <path to directory>blog7

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