[INFOGRAPHICS] 10 key features to be excited about Drupal 8

24 / Jun / 2016 by Anuradha Ishwaran 0 comments

Drupal 8 is a fast and widely used enterprise web CMS across the globe. It is flexible and packed with out-of-the-box features that help you manage and deliver web content across various channels and devices efficiently. It has over 200 new built-in features that can be used to streamline work and achieve incredible digital experiences.

It sets a new standard and has become a preferable choice amongst developers over the other CMS in the market. With more than one million contributors including active developers, Drupal 8 has one of the largest open source community. The active members of the community work together to extend Drupal with contributed modules, themes and distributions as a part of continuous improvement allowing organizations to create and deliver the world’s best digital experiences using Drupal 8.

To know more about the key features of Drupal 8, refer to the infographics below.

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