[INFOGRAPHICS] Beacon- An Introduction

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A Beacon is a small device- working on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology- that can interact and deliver contextual information to mobile devices. This helps brands better connect with customers by identifying the geo-location of mobile devices and deliver brand related information like promotional offers, coupons, discount information etc.

Beacons assist brands in their in-store customer management and can offer insights about how many times a customer has visited the store and if the customer has visited other stores for the same product etc.

This device also comes handy in crowd management at large events during which navigational information, and other contextually related information that interests the visitor like, movie information in a cinema hall etc. can be delivered to their personal device.

iBeacon development is done independently for Android, iOS and other types of mobile devices that enables brands do better proximity analytics, mobile marketing and micro-location targeting to deliver contextual information and connect with their customers, better.

To know more about beacon technology and its use cases, refer to the infographics below:

[INFOGRAPHICS] Beacon – An Introduction | TO THE NEW Digital
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Want to know more about beacon technology to build proximity based solutions?
Beacons - Building Proximity based Solutions for Brands


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