jQuery : Associate data with dom element

21 / Sep / 2012 by Amit Jain 1 comments

There are times when we need to associate data with the DOM element say td, li, div etc. I used to sometimes provide attribute ‘rel’ to html tag, then access it using $(‘divId’).attr(‘rel’). This worked when we want to associate only one property, but doesn’t work so well when there are multiple properties to be associated with the same element. And I personally never liked this approach as there was no name given to the type of data attached.

Recently I found that jQuery provides a method called data(), which can be used to associate multiple data with the same element. Lets take a look at the example given below :

<div id='studentDetail' data-age='24' data-name='amit'>

<script type="text/javascript">

 $('#studentDetail').data('age')  // output : 24
 $('#studentDetail').data('name')  // output : amit

 $('#studentDetail').data('course', 'MCA')  // Associate new data to the element
 $('#studentDetail').data('course')  // output : MCA

 $('#studentDetail').data('course-duration', '3 Years')  // Associate new data to the element
 $('#studentDetail').data('course-duration')  // output : 3 Years

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