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Building Intuitive Frontend Interfaces with AngularJS – An Overview!

A successful business requires clean, attractive and intuitive consumer facing the web and mobile properties. A good front-end doesn't just help to create a recall but also drive engagement and generate more business. Engineering a product that is both attractive with a high performance is challenging and requires expertise that...

by Poulomi Nag
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Fall back to use a jQuery file on your web server, if it can’t be loaded from CDN

Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers that hosts various resources such as CSS, images, JavaScript files etc. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. provides a free public CDN to download resources instead of hosting it on your own server. Advantages of using a CDN:- 1. Distributed CDN servers : The...

by Poonam Baveja
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Using pipeline in DataTables

jQuery DataTables is simple to use as a jQuery plug-in with a huge range of customizable options. As discussed in a previous blog, we already know how to draw a basic paginated html table using DataTables. Another way is to make an ajax call for every page. This causes multiple requests to be made on your server for every dataset. ...

by Mansi Arora
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Grails, Javascript/Ajax/JQuery

FusionCharts Part – 2

Using Fusion charts you can create different variety of charts two of them are single series chart and multiple series chart . As the name implies in case of single series chart you can only display single chart and in case of multiple series chart you can display multiple charts. Now lets take an example to have better understanding of...

by pulkit
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Grails, Javascript/Ajax/JQuery

FusionCharts Part – 1

Stunning fusion charts will wow your audience . You can download javascript files for free trail of fusion chart from here . Following Javascript files are required to create fusion charts : [js] <script src="../js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script...

by pulkit
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Grails, Javascript/Ajax/JQuery

jQuery dataTables plugin for pagination of HTML tables

In my project on Angular.js I came across a use case where I needed to paginate the HTML tables . DataTable jQuery plugin is a perfect choice in order to accomplish this task. Let us take a simple example to illustrate the use of dataTable plugin: [js] <html> <head> <style> <link rel="stylesheet"...

by pulkit
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Handlebars: An Introduction

Let's face it, gone are the days where static HTML markup was sufficient, and clients were happy with animated gifs all around their websites, but that's all a thing of the past. Now every little thing you can think of has to be dynamic, the data is constantly changing and so is the webpage. For developers it is a tricky task to manage...

by Manoj Nama
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jQuery: Unbinding specific event with namespace

If we follow the normal jQuery practices for binding and unbinding multiple jQuery events, it involves writing code again and again for each of the binding and unbinding which makes it very repetitive, specially when unbinding. Joint unbinding is also seen when you have same event bound to the same DOM element multiple times. Lets...

by Shreyance Jain
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Database, Grails

Accessing remote data through cross-domain ajax call in jquery

While developing a mobile app using phonegap ( or otherwise also :) ), we can access remotely hosted mysql database using jquery ajax calls. But this interaction between jquery and mysql database cannot happen directly. We will need to specify a server side script (in PHP terminology) or a controller action (in Grails Terminology) that...

by raj
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jQuery : Associate data with dom element

There are times when we need to associate data with the DOM element say td, li, div etc. I used to sometimes provide attribute 'rel' to html tag, then access it using $('divId').attr('rel'). This worked when we want to associate only one property, but doesn't work so well when there are multiple properties to be associated with the same...

by Amit Jain
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Implement Ajax call in Grails web-flow

In one of my recent project, i want to use grails web-flow with ajax call. It's very easy to implement the web-flow with ajax call. Grails web-flow always track the actions on the basis of eventId & flow execution key. So, to implement ajax call in web-flow, we have to pass the event id & flow execution key. 1. Let us assume,...

by Mohit Garg
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Android, Javascript/Ajax/JQuery

Getting started with jQuery Mobile

JQuery mobile provides set of features which are supported on almost all smartphones such as touch UI, ajax navigation, animated page transitions. Building jQuery mobile page is very simple, here's how: A jQuery Mobile site must start with an HTML5 'doctype' to take full advantage of all of the framework's features. First of all you...

by Puneet Behl
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