JQuery : create URL query string from JSON/Array

04 / May / 2011 by Amit Jain 4 comments

Hi Friends,

I was writing javascript to reload my page with different parameters. So I needed to create the queryString of those parameters but I didn’t want to create it of my own. I already knew about jQuery.serialize() which serializes the form and creates the queryString, but unfortunately I didn’t have form. So that gave me opportunity to learn about new jQuery.param() which converts the JSON/Array into query string. Let us look at few examples below :

var myParams = {country:"US", customerId:"1"}

Output: "country=US&customerId=1"


var myParams = {name: "Amit Jain",days:[‘Mon’,’Tue’,’Sat’] };

Output: "name=Amit+Jain&days%5B%5D=Mon&days%5B%5D=Tue&days%5B%5D=Sat"


var myParams = {name: "Diana",address:{
line1:"232 Alder Dr.",
line2:"Alder City",
state : "Utah",
country: "US"

Output : "name=Diana&address%5Bline1%5D=232+Alder+Dr.&address%5Bline2%5D=Alder+City&address%5Bstate%5D=Utah&address%5Bcountry%5D=US"

Hope this helped!

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    1. Amit Jain

      After a quick search it looks like, there is no method provided by jQuery as such, people have given there own custom solutions for the same.

  1. Vivek Krishna


    To add on, from jQuery 1.4 simply writing $.param() doesn’t create the query string, the way we want it. It adds “[]” to arrays. For example, customers:[{name:”Amit”}, {name:”Vivek”}] gets serialized with the name customers[] in the params instead of simply being customers.

    This can be taken care of, by:

    $.param(, true), where true is for the “traditional” way of parameterizing the data.

    This can be set to default at the global level by setting

    jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional = true;

    globally. 🙂


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