Link Sculpting – How to Effectively Distribute it?

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“May the lord give you ample link juice, along with it the wisdom to distribute it wisely”

There is a point in every internet marketer’s life when they need alternative and sophisticated strategies to work upon.

So what about it?

Link sculpting when put simply is “effectively distributing the ranking influence of the pages of your pages, within your site”.

Why should you do it?

Imagine a food server, who has 500 chicken nuggets and get orders for various portions. What you have to do next is prioritise the large orders to be served first (probably because you got their orders first) and then, probably start filling up the medium and the smaller ones and if they finish you call backup and ask for more.

Moral of the story, you need to prioritise the available resources to maximise your results.

Those of you new to the realm of Internet Marketing, link juice is actually the influence each page possess. It is earned when some other page links to it. It is passed when the page having it links to some other page in-turn giving it it’s link juice.

It is one of the major factors based on which, a search engine ranks a particular page in it’s result page.

Link juice is a very powerful resource and being an internet marketer I can guarantee that besides actually having ample of it, the ability to distribute it effectively is the need of the hour.

How should you do it?

Link Sculpting has come of age, there was a time when marketers thought of putting a ‘nofollow’ on links in order to manipulate their page rank. Nevertheless, I am no more talking about the ‘nofollow’ yet talking about ‘Link Sculpting’. So here goes,

Redirecting links post they have lived there age

What happens when one of your page is old yet it is pristine, considering the link juice it earned in it’s time. What do you with it now?

Let it remain there? and not pay a heed?

Well, frankly there is much more to the old timer that meets the eye.  Did it occur to you to apply a redirect?

I remember when Harry Potter 5 was released, there was a frenzy amongst online book stores to make their outlet rank better.

The store which ranked top was which actually redirected the link juice of its Harry Potter 1 page to the 5th one.


Handling your footer links is a tricky affair.  Here I will give you a choice between stuffing all your links into the footer whereas on the other hand could you categorise all those links into different titles and just put all title links in the footer?

Hint, do the link juice math, which option passes the least PR from a particular page? The latter would be the clear winner!


How much time does it take for any user to reach to any of your content? Believe if it is more than 3 clicks, I would seriously recommend that you work on the website navigation. When dealing with an e-commerce website, you need to put your product centre and forward, because it will help you leverage on two factors:

  1. Crawl-ability
  2. Indexing

Understand the concept, if your content is not crawled, you can’t get it indexed. If it is not indexed it can’t get ranked.

Internal linking from pages (blogs)

Blogs invite a lot of ranking attention, since they are one of the easiest sources for natural back links. Now what if you could actually link related blogs to your products or services page?

Would you think it would make a difference? I am sure once you have done that, there is no going back!

Archiving Old content – A must for large blogs!

This concept relates to an extent with navigability. You see when you pump content of a magnum amount. It keeps piling one over the other, and soon the content is buried one under the other. This hampers crawl-ability and indexing. By archiving old content, maybe like chronologically they would be much easier to crawl & be indexed, eventually enhance rankings.

Factor which also need to be taken care for effective Link Sculpting

Link Relevance

How cautious are you about outbound linking? Did you know, linking to a page of less relevance can actually diminish the linking strength of the page itself.

Eliminate Duplicity

Imagine a health insurance website, which manages insurance both by the product and by the state.  A common scenario with the domains can be:


the two URLs  would effectively have the same content which can be disastrous considering the duplicate content. Please tread with caution.

Link Sculpting is the way you arrange prioritise your link juice, as per the importance of the pages in your current ranking context.

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