Ankit Gupta

Ankit is an inbound certified individual with rich and extensive experience of digital/web/interactive programs. His appetite for knowledge of the Internet & inbound marketing has enabled him to become a resourceful member of any web team.

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SEO in 2021 – Trends, Predictions, Tips & Strategy

As the New Year is around the corner, everyone is looking for expected trends for their respective industry in 2021. The same is the case with the SEO industry. The Google Keywords tool is showing the following keywords that people are searching across the world: SEO trends 2021 SEO 2021 SEO strategy 2021 SEO tips 2021 There...


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Link Sculpting in 2020 – How to Effectively Distribute it?

"May the lord give you ample link juice and the wisdom to distribute it wisely" There is a moment in every internet marketer’s life when they need alternative and sophisticated strategies to work. So what about it? Link sculpting, when put, is “effectively distributing the ranking influence of the pages of your pages, within...


AngularJS, Experience Design

Optimization of AngularJS Single-Page Applications for Web Crawlers

I am assuming that you’ve seen websites developed on AngularJS. If not, here are a few sites using AngularJS you would be familiar with: Youtube Netflix Weather IStockPhoto AngularJS is taking over the robust development around the world. There’s a good reason for that React-style framework that makes better developer...


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AMP – A Known Bug is Spoiling your Google Analytics Data

The concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was introduced for increasing the user experience while browsing the websites on mobile devices. It helps by increasing page load speed, provides card views on Google, and cross-browser support for a seamless experience. If you are using Accelerated Mobile Pages, you must be experiencing...


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So I saw this website, and it was Awesome!

It is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What bothers me is how is beauty defined? I mean I know beauty can vary from anybody to everybody, but I am trying to pin point the thin line of commonality in opinions. This botheration starts making rounds when I am talking about the beauty of a website. When in doubt, I...



Clear the Fog about Facebook Reach – What and How?

Hey Dad, asked little Tim, How far can I actually throw this ball? It left Arthur puzzled... What do I tell him about? The angle, the power or the strength are some factors which decide how far his ball would go? Like little Tim, there are many who are puzzled about how far & wide can they actually reach? Within digital...



Basics of Content Migration: Manual and Automated

If you are planning to upgrade / change your CMS / framework, content migration is one of the crucial things that need to be planned. Content migration is not a single person job, as it would become extremely intricate if your site has a lot of content, not just text, but images and other graphics. When you decide to redesign your...


Digital Analytics

Click Event Tracking using Google Tag Manager V2

From the analytics point of view, tracking user behaviour helps you a lot in defining the design of your web pages and making better business decisions. Based on user interaction data, you can make apt refinements in your design and take smart business decisions. Actually, the current web page layout you are viewing for this post has...


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SEO Internationalisation FAQs

Here are the FAQs for International SEO which were available on Gooogle earlier this year. Multilingual sites Q: What’s the best URL structure for a multilingual site? A: We detect the language on a per-URL basis; you don’t need to use any special structure. However, it’s important that each language version is on a...


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Google Launches a New mobile-friendly Testing Tool

After it's launch in November 2014, Google on 17th May 2016 has announced launch of their new mobile-friendly testing tool. Yaniv Loewenstein from the Search Console Team wrote: The new tool is available at the URL The older version is available at...



Writing Effective Online Content – Made Easy

Lets begin with three important questions; the answers to these are key for a winner content. Why doesn’t your content get a first page ranking even after creating it awesome?  Why is it that your video has less views compared to other videos? Why aren't you able to reach the target audience? It's no secret that...