Modify tinymce image/link dialog content in grails

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Recently in a project i used tinymce where i needed to modify the image/link dialog of tinymce.
To modify tinymce firstly make it inline/custom plugin means download and paste in javascript folder.
To modify image dialog , create a gsp that you want to show in dialog box and paste in

I used iframe for fetching additional content along with tinymce image dialog content.
<iframe id="imgUploadEmbedIFrame"
src="${createLink(controller:’controllerName’ ,action:’actionName’,params: [id:’id’])}"
style="border: 0px; width:425px; height:205px;

and also modify editor_plugin.js so that it will load new html.

search file:b+”/image.htm” in editor_plugin.js and change the name of image file . for ex: if name of new file is image.gsp then in editor_plugin.js it should be like this..
Similarly link dialog can be modified.

for more clarity click here to view the file structure of tinymce that i have used.



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