Modify tinymce image/link dialog content in grails

Recently in a project i used tinymce where i needed to modify the image/link dialog of tinymce. To modify tinymce firstly make it inline/custom plugin means download and paste in javascript folder. To modify image dialog , create a gsp that you want to show in dialog box and paste in [java] ...

by Shaurav
Tag: tinymce


Alfresco : Render html code written in tinymce

Hi, We were using tinymce on alfresco labs 3 stable version. Lately, client came up with the new requirement to display video's in the page rendered from text given in tinymce. Since coupling between alfresco and current version of tinymce was so tight, we did not include the latest version of tinymce, which might have supported...

by Amit Jain
Tag: tinymce