My experience of using jasper reports with grails application

25 / Feb / 2010 by Amit Jain 4 comments

In my project we needed to generate certain pdf reports. Then while exploring the options available, I encountered a PDF plugin, which renders gsp page and returns the PDF report. It looked good for the simple reports but may not be a good idea if the report are complex. Then with the help of one of my collegue, we decided to rather generate jasper reports. And as expected, there exists a plugin called ‘jasper’ to integrate jasper reports with a grails application, which made my job really easy.

Things looked good, now we were only left with an IDE to rapidly generate jasper reports and then we finally found a tool called IReport. We could make version 2.0.5 working flawlessly with the jasper plugin.

As our reports became more complex and our understanding about jasper reports grew, even things which looked big like required page breaks on certain conditions etc. became really easy to handle with the IReport tool. We could generate a complex jasper report in 3 days time which includes the time taken to get accustomed to iReport and jasper report and its integration. I will soon write more about jasper reports and few changes we made to the jasper plugin to suit our requirements like directly sending emails with jasper report as an attachment…

~~Amit Jain~~
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  1. Drago

    You guys are great! It would be great if you could post complete step-by-step how to build complex report using Grails/Jasper Plugin/iReport. No such thing on the Web. Cheers!

  2. konyeinchan(Myanmar)

    We now try for a university student registration to use with local .There is a module to
    print report of students profile, certificate,exam result,etc…We use grails for such project.
    We ok for dynamic-jasper.But , not ok for jasper (grails install-plugins jasper).Some jars
    files can’t download.How do i solve.I want to knows common plugins for grails project that
    are mainly used.
    With lots of metta(love)

  3. Srinivasa Kadiyala


    I am planning to implement Jasper reports for our reporting. we are currently using JXL. We want to re-write using Jasper / iReports.

    Your information is very encouraging.

    I have installed the plugin and it is not working for some reason when I followed the instructions as mentioned in the Grails jasper plugin page.

    Appreciate if you have a white paper or some document to share.

    My first test case is:

    I am accessing a table in Oracle DB with a Domain class. The list page is displaying well with a PDF icon at the bottom. But when I click on the image nothing is happening.

    Appreciate help and thanks in advance.


    Srinivasa Kadiyala
    Senior Software Engineer

    1. Amit Jain

      Hi Srinivasa! If you can provide the code you have written in the controller and in gsp page, I would be in a better situation to help.


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