How to aggregate data by referring to multiple sheets in Google Spreadsheet using multiple functions

  Problem Statement: Suppose you are running a small business or creating a timesheet based cost calculations in any organization as a Lead, then you may need to refer data from different sheets within a single google spreadsheet to get the desired output/result. Also, there might be a case where you want to see and manage the...

by Gaurav Bagla
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Automation Testing, Manual Testing

Top 11 Best Practices in Software Testing

“To err is human” – Alexander Pope. Everyone makes mistakes, but you cannot ignore all mistakes. Some of them can prove to be very expensive. During testing of an application/product, a tester makes sure that mistakes done by developers are discovered and fixed before the product reaches the end user. The primary objective of...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Passing Optional Parameters in jasper reports

Hi Guys, In one of my projects, While working with jasper reports, one of the requirement I faced was of passing optional parameter to the sql query in jasper  report. For eg. I had to write a query to find all new customers which were added between two given dates and if an optional status value of the customer is passed the report...

by Sachin
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My experience of using jasper reports with grails application

In my project we needed to generate certain pdf reports. Then while exploring the options available, I encountered a PDF plugin, which renders gsp page and returns the PDF report. It looked good for the simple reports but may not be a good idea if the report are complex. Then with the help of one of my collegue, we decided to rather...

by Amit Jain
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