Our Experiences of MongoDB afternoon in New Delhi and Bangalore

30 / May / 2014 by Narinder Kumar 0 comments

We at IntelliGrape are an enthusiastic lot when it comes to technology conferences and knowledge sharing sessions. So lot of us were pretty excited to hear the news about mongoDB organising conferences in Delhi and Bangalore. More so, because we are early adaptors of MongoDB. Our entire Node.JS service line uses MongoDB as preferred data-store for most of their application developments. Apart from Node.JS, we have quite some good experiences while building applications using Grails both for our clients and our internal product development efforts.

We wanted to share our experiences and more importantly learn from our peers and technical evangelists from MongoDB itself. Quickly, we got in touch with MongoDB people about our desire to share our experiences on one of our product development efforts. To my pleasant surprise, MongoDB people were very approachable despite tight time-lines. We had couple of review rounds about the content of the presentation and were ready and looking forward for the conference.

On Monday, May19th, a big contingent from IntelliGrape was at Le Merdian Hotel, New Delhi. The conference started with a welcome note from Rajnish Verma, Director Sales, MongorDB, India. We had couple of very interesting sessions from Prasoon Kumar and Matias Cascallares both from MongoDB. They gave us deep insights about latest feature additions in MongoDB 2.6.1 and MongoDB Management Service. Along with this, we learnt about Pelica Migrator from Techgene Solutions, a product for migrating data from RDBMS to MongoDB. We also heard a product case-study about Applane, a cloud based ERP built on MongoDB by Daffodil Software.

Our colleague Abhishek Tejpaul, also presented his experiences as a developer while building ThoughtBuzz, a real-time social media analytics tool. During the talk, he also gave a quick demo of various tips/tricks, he learnt over a period of 9 months while working with MongoDB. The talk was very well appreciated by audience and after discussions with MongoDB people, we decided to do a re-run of the same in Bangalore as well. Bangalore conference was in less than 4 days and to make things more interesting, Abhishek had a very tight work schedule. But he managed to work things out and was happy to travel and share his experiences in Bangalore conference. Following is the slide-deck of his presentation

[slideshare id=34984810&doc=intelligrapebuildingsocialanalyticstoolwithmongodb-140522001028-phpapp01]

Overall, it was an afternoon very well spent, had great discussions with other attendees and learnt new features in upcoming releases. Many thanks to MongoDB for organising a wonderful conference. Looking forward to many more in future!


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