Preview Image and Watermark configuration with jw player

29 / Jul / 2016 by Tanu Siwag 0 comments

Video is one of the most popular internet activity worldwide these days. Almost every website needs a player to be embed in it.

An important technique to increase the popularity and for branding is to use watermarks on player. It is the best way to promote your brand throughout the video and also the ceapest one. A watermark can be linked to any web page you like.This could be a sales page or a link to your main site, for instance.

Jw player is one of the fastest growing player right now. And no wonder – it provides an easy and affordable way to play video in your applications. It supports a wide array of platforms, browsers, and media formats. JW player supports audio, video as well as live streaming. There are some simple steps to configure JW player for site with watermark and preview image embedded in it.

Step 1. Create an account on
You will get a player script like:

<script src="http://DOMAIN_NAME/library/XXX.js"></script>

Step 2. Add the script on you website page where you want to embed player.

<script src=""></script> /*js provided by jw-player*/
<div id="myPlayerId" style="width: 100%;">Loading the player…</div>

Step 3. Set configurations in player setup block.

<script type="text/javascript">
var playerInstance = jwplayer(‘myPlayerId’);
logo: {
file: ‘LOGO_IMAGE_URL’, //watermark image path
link: ‘LINK_ON_LOGO’, //link url on watermark image
position: ‘bottom-right’ //position of watermark on player
image: ‘DISPLAY_IMAGE_URL’ //thumbnail image path

Here YOUR_VIDEO_FILE_SOURCE_PATH is the path of source video file which is mandatory for player setup.

There are several more options for customizing the JW player. To explore More configuration provided by jw player visit the link :

Enjoy embedding videos on website with your logo on it. 🙂


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