Things to be taken care while testing ROKU TV.

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What is ROKU?

Smart TV development has witnessed an extraordinary growth in the last few years. TV testing is an interesting market. ROKU is a streaming platform which helps enhance the power of an ordinary TV thereby transforming it into Smart TV, opening the doors to the outer world. It allows seamless Media transfer. ROKU setup powered by intelligent ROKU OS.

ROKU app testing

Like any other industry, Smart TV app industry also has regulatory and compliance body which maintains the guidelines and protects the end user. This board ensures that the developed app meets the standards.

One must keep the below mentioned guidelines in mind while testing the ROKU application –

General requirement in app

  1. Updating of a channel should not remove the linking of account or destruction of any saved data.
  2. Any mentioned/associated website and email address should be functional.
  3. Support email and phone number should be available for all subscription based channel.
  4. Live application should be available to watch as per the client’s time zone.

Functional testing areas:

  1. Trick mode should be disabled in the LIVE video streaming along with FF and REW functionality.
  2. If predictive search is allowed, the result should come in timely and correct manner in UI.
  3. Screensaver should be disabled during the video playback.
  4. Loading screen must appear if any actionable item takes more than 3 seconds to execute.
  5. Only the region supported video should be available for viewing.
  6. User should navigate back to ROKU Home screen after clicking HOME button while accessing any page in application.
  7. Option (*) button available on the remote should be usable only when Menu is accessible.

Video/Audio Playback-Navigation

  1. All the fade-in and fade-out effect must handle correctly in the app, and should not trigger a jerk during the playback.
  2. Press and hold the Left and Right arrow on remote should enable user to FF/REW video in trick mode.
  3. FF and REW functionality must appear in disable mode in case of Live streaming.

Linking requirement in app:

  1. User account must remain link with device even after rebooting of ROKU box.
  2. Linking should persist even after leaving the channel.
  3. Linking code should be easily readable and should not be case sensitive.
  4. Removing the application from ROKU clears the login & user information from the channel.
  5. All the rented content in the channel must be accessible until the expiry of the subscription.
  6. All the rented content should get expired as per their life-cycle.

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