SpringOne2GX 2015 – Day 1 : Demos, Talks, KeyNotes

15 / Sep / 2015 by Bhagwat Kumar 3 comments

Day 1 for @SpringOne2GX started at Marriott Marquis Washington, DC, USA today (14th Sept 2015). The day for the conference started at 3PM with registration. Badges for the participants were distributed along with the conference kit and yes a nice T-Shirt for the attendees.
Following up next were some great demos of the products and solutions by the sponsors and co – sponsors of the event. There were various desks arranged by the sponsors of the event to talk about the upcoming products and solutions for software development, hosting and integration.

There were thousands of participants from across the world. TO THE NEW Digital having more than 600 Digital Evangelists and more than 250 experts in web and mobile development marked its presence in the conference. Technology experts of TO THE NEW talked about the upcoming products and solutions and also the offerings of Web and Mobile Development.

Post the tea break, it was some nice food served at the dinner which lead to the start of the key notes of the day with the below highlights :

1. Upcomings on Spring Boot, Spring Foundry.
2. Live coding and demo case study on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud by Dave Syer, Josh Long.
3. Juergen Hoeller mentioned that Spring 5 is coming next year as “An Enabler of Reactive Architecture”.
4. JUnit Lambda Fundraiser Campaign introduced. #fundjunit

Keynotes were followed by drinks and marked the end of day 1.

This was just a beginning. Lots more to come in the next three days with talks, sessions and demos on some of the upcoming technologies in Spring, Grails, Groovy, Big Data, Javascripts and all Java ecosystem. Eminent speakers and masters would be talking about the upcomings in the market. Guillaume Laforge, Graeme Rocher, Josh Long, Jeff Brown, Mark Fisher, Venkat Subramaniam are few names to mention.

Stay tuned with the blog to know more on daily events, talks and discussions.









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  1. Mohd Farid

    Thanks a lot for sharing the updates. It would be very much helpful if you can provide some more details about the sessions, like the key takeaways from the session.


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