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Why Companies are Considering Container Technologies?

DevOps automation has become an integral part of large-scale digital transformation projects. Companies have realized that automating their delivery pipelines will not only shorten the release cycle but also help in bringing products faster to market. DevOps has broken the traditional silos between the Dev and Ops team and...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Node.js, Product Engineering

Top 5 Node.js Monitoring Tips for App Performance Improvement

Node.js framework has seen its popularity grow in leaps and bounds. Today it has become a universal development framework for organizations looking to develop lightweight, efficient and data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Some of the cool products that can be built using Node.js include: Chat...

by Dwiza Saha
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Software development, Technology

Twitter API Integration with AEM Using Talend

Recently, I came across an interesting use case to fetch tweets from Twitter and post it to AEM instance. Since tweets content can be huge and this use case is similar to that of migration, involving extraction, transformation, and loading of the content, I decided to use an ETL tool called Talend. Talend is a leading open source...

by Pooja Chauhan
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Technology, Testing

Best Practices for Writing Test Cases

What is a Test Case? Set of conditions or variables used by testers to determine whether a system works as expected are Test Cases. These help in validating the coverage of an application. A test case should be : Easy to understand and execute Accurate Easy to trace as per requirements Repeatable Reusable Test cases...

by Rohit Yadav
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Digital Analytics

How Go-Jek is disrupting the marketing landscape in Indonesia?

In the new age Digital Era it is not only what you are selling that decides the success of your brand but also how you are selling & marketing it Founded in 2011 by Nadiem Makarim and Michaelangelo Moran, “Go-Jek” has become the most popular technology-driven personal ride-booking app in Indonesia. With the slogan “An...

by Nadia Samantha
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Angular Routes

As we all of know that AngularJS is very popular and powerful front-end framework, which helps us to build rich UI/UX applications. AngularJS has many cool things/features, but today we will concentrate on routes only and will try to make a small single page application like Facebook/Gmail with the help of routes, where we will perform...

by Amit Kumar
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