How Go-Jek is disrupting the marketing landscape in Indonesia?

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In the new age Digital Era it is not only what you are selling that decides the success of your brand but also how you are selling & marketing it

Founded in 2011 by Nadiem Makarim and Michaelangelo Moran, “Go-Jek” has become the most popular technology-driven personal ride-booking app in Indonesia. With the slogan “An Ojek for Every Need”, not only does it allow customers to arrange transportation quickly and easily using a smartphone application, it also provides an in-city courier services, food delivery services through Go Food, Go-Massage for massage service, Go-Glam for salon and beauty service, Go-Clean, and many other services.

Competitive pricing, reliability, and generally good service quality, has attracted increasing numbers of customers to Go-Jek. After it launched the flat rate promo of IDR10,000 for all services on June 2015, the search for Go-Jek has soared and it has become the most searched brand compared to the other famous personal ride-booking app, such as GrabBike, BluJek, and Uber.Fig 1 - Gojek

How Go-Jek gained its popularity in Social Media?

As the pioneer of motorcycle taxi app in Indonesia, many digital marketing tactics were used by Go-jek to increase their social mentions, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

Fig 2 - Gojek Blog

These are few things that managed to provoke the popularity of Go-Jek on Social Media.

Campaign Assessment Summary

Gojek Table 2

  • Unique Promos – One of their promos to boost up Instagram mentions was by holding a selfie contest with Go-Jek Drivers and posts it on Instagram by using #GojekDimanamana to win IDR100,000 credit. Another powerful promo of Go-Jek that significantly increased the brand awareness of Go-Jek on Twitter was the referral code promo to get IDR50,000 discount for those who downloaded Go-Jek app. Many people shared this promo on Twitter while using #GojekGotMeHere

Fig 3 - Gojek Blog Fig 4 - Gojek Blog

  • Good-Looking Go-Jek Drivers – Not limiting itself to men as chauffeurs it has also hired beautiful women. These good-looking drivers have successfully garnered the attentions of many netizens. Many “memes” created out of these drivers’ photos have gone viral on Social Media, especially on Instagram with #MemeGojekKece & helped in creating a differentiation factor for Brand.

Fig 5 - Gojek Blog

  • Rejection from Traditional Ojek There were many protests that came from local Ojek, even violent actions toward Go-Jek drivers from these local Ojek, but it only served in intensifying Go-Jek brand awareness among the people. These violent cases garnered people’s sympathy & there were many shared tweets to support Go-Jek drivers using #SaveGojek.

Fig 6 - Gojek Blog

With the emergence of personal ride-booking apps along with the demand for such services it is not the service itself that will differentiate them but the innovative digital campaigns that these new age internet start-ups leverage to market them aggressively are the strategic plays that will differentiate them from traditional incumbents.

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