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AWS Autoscaling group configured with ELB and Alarms in Boto (Python)

Autoscaling is a service in AWS, which is used to launch or terminate an instance based on user-defined policies, health checks, and schedules. There are several ways to configure an auto-scaling group in AWS, here we are focusing on implementing it in python using AWS python module boto. Before Creating  an Autoscaling Group ...

by Mayur Rastogi
Tag: AWS Launch Configuration

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AWS Step Auto Scaling Policies

Amazon Web Services has introduced Step Autoscaling Policies for the autoscaling of EC2 instances. These policies are much different from the Simple Autoscaling Policies which are being used till the date. The cooldown periods are not supported in the Step Scaling Policies. It let you define lower bound , upper bound for metric values and...

by Mohit Dayal Gupta
Tag: AWS Launch Configuration