Mayur Rastogi

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Docker Logging Methods that Fit your Deployment Strategy

With the huge success of micro-services and container technologies, most of the enterprises are migrating their architecture to the container-based solution which is more reliable and flexible as compared to monolithic architecture. Moving to containerized solution like Docker, logging each container and its insights is a new...


AWS, DevOps

Introduction to Python Language

Python is readable, dynamic, pleasant, fast, flexible and powerful language. It is a programming language which helps you work quickly and integrate systems more easily. LANGUAGE FEATURES Interpreted It executes instruction directly without any compilation like in C, C++, Java. Python converts the source code into bytecode...


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Why CIOs Should Adopt Containers Technology?

Container service is not new, it was built around ten years ago in Linux environment also known as Linux container (LXC). But today, docker is most popular and has become synonymous to containers. So before talking about some container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, we have to understand what container service is, and what is...


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Master-Slave Load Testing using Locust

In the previous blog we have discussed what is locust , why we use locust for load testing and how to implement it. So if you are wondering what locust is and how it works or for a better understanding, see locust .Now in this blog we are here to discuss about running locust in distributive way. For a single machine it is not enough...


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AWS Autoscaling group configured with ELB and Alarms in Boto (Python)

Autoscaling is a service in AWS, which is used to launch or terminate an instance based on user-defined policies, health checks, and schedules. There are several ways to configure an auto-scaling group in AWS, here we are focusing on implementing it in python using AWS python module boto. Before Creating  an Autoscaling Group ...


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Performing Heavy Load Testing on your Website using Locust

Locust is open source and distributed load testing tool , intend to load test websites. A fundamental feature of locust is that you can describe all your test case in python code. This lightweight, distributed and scalable framework helps us to find out how many concurrent users a system can handle by writing test case scenarios in...