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20 Tips and Tricks to Make AWS Work to Your Advantage

Introduction Amazon Web Services, touted as a pioneer in the Cloud service providers, has been a consistent frontrunner in the IAAS and PAAS space. Organizations irrespective of their size have chosen AWS as their go-to Cloud service provider making it an undisputed contender in the area of Cloud services. With the margin in the race to...

by Poulomi Nag
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AWS, Cloud Managed Services

Infographic – Top 9 Tips and Tricks to Boost your ROI from AWS!

Gartner's Cloud Infrastructure as a service quadrant positioned AWS as a leader owing to multiple benefits that AWS offers to its customers. AWS offers reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services to global companies such as Netflix, SAP, NASA and multiple others. Some of these services include compute, storage, databases,...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Setup and Configure Kubernetes Minions in Multiple AZs on AWS

In today's blog, I will be explaining how to set up Kubernetes Minion nodes in multiple availability zones on AWS. Please refer this blog if you are new to setting up a cluster on AWS EC2. It uses a kube_up script to bring the cluster up on single Availability Zone (AZ). If that zone goes down due to some reasons, your entire...

by Rakesh Mahajan
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