Rakesh Mahajan

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Working with Kubernetes deployment, pods and service Part1

In my previous blog, Getting Started with Kubernetes, I have explained the basics of kubernetes. In this blog, I will be explaining how to create deployment, pods, and service. Deployment and pods: Below command will create a deployment controller named a "my-nginx", a pod with a single  container of an image nginx (base image of...


AWS, DevOps

Setup and Configure Kubernetes Minions in Multiple AZs on AWS

In today's blog, I will be explaining how to set up Kubernetes Minion nodes in multiple availability zones on AWS. Please refer this blog if you are new to setting up a cluster on AWS EC2. It uses a kube_up script to bring the cluster up on single Availability Zone (AZ). If that zone goes down due to some reasons, your entire...


DevOps, Technology

Getting started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration tool for application containers developed by Google. It packages all of the necessary tools - orchestration, service discovery and load balancing in one place. Kubernetes is portable which means it can be deployed on public, private, hybrid along with multiple cloud platform providers. It is...