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Node.js – The go to Technology for Product Companies and Enterprises

Product companies and enterprises both alike are in a race to develop products faster. A lot of companies are leveraging new-age digital technologies to improve time to market and shorten their release cycles. While some companies are automating delivery pipeline, some other are following Agile frameworks. For companies, succeeding at...

by Varun Shakya
Tag: MEAN development


Working with zip files in node.js

Large files can be really difficult to share and exchange. Most email service providers do not allow to share heavy files and most of the times we end up zipping them together for easy sharing. Zipping a file can be of great convenience for you and the end user both. Based on different use cases, In this blog, we will discuss how we...

by Sahil Chitkara
Tag: MEAN development


Executing MongoDB shell commands from Javascript file

MongoDB uses javascript interface for the shell commands. We can really use this feature in a great way - by writing the MongoDB (shell) commands in a javascript (.js file) and execute in single go. In this blog, I am going to show an example for the same: [javascript] print('===== My Demo Script ====='); ...

by Salil
Tag: MEAN development