Sahil Chitkara


gofmt: Formatting the go code

When i started working on golang, some interesting things came out related to formatting. Till now we used to use IDE formatting and indentation with combos like "ctrl+shift+f" or something else, so!! what if your machine could take care of all the formatting issues? and what if it not only works at file level but also at...



Go! Go! Go! :Intro to emerging “GoLang”

Go is an open source programming language initially developed by GOOGLE .When we say about key features,they are a good mixture of multiple languages like statically-typed language with syntax loosely derived from C, type safety, garbage collection, dynamic typing and contains large standard library. Through go,  Google desires to...



Getting Started with Grunt:Task Runner

I was working on one of my projects which involved multiple task execution on regular basis. Well, I think that many of us have faced similar issues on their projects which increases our work and making it more time-consuming and increased work. Working in a community where people are actively developing tools to automate tedious...



Writable Streams In Node.Js

In my previous blog we discussed about “Readable Streams in Node.js”. Here we will be learning about the next part of stream which is, writable stream. Writable stream is used to write data to a specific destination. Basically its has two main method : write. end Write: ...



Working with zip files in node.js

Large files can be really difficult to share and exchange. Most email service providers do not allow to share heavy files and most of the times we end up zipping them together for easy sharing. Zipping a file can be of great convenience for you and the end user both. Based on different use cases, In this blog, we will discuss how we...



Streams in node.js : Readable and Writable

Within Node.js development, streams are used to transfer data including requests to an HTTP server, opening a file, stdin, stdout, stderr etc. Streams can be readable, writable or both. We can connect the readable stream to a writable stream using the pipe method. All streams are instances of event emitters in node.js. We can get...



Protecting Objects In JavaScript

JavaScript is an amazing language. Its like a Lego constructor, depending on different parts you join together, you may get the script you need or just a pile of unwanted codes. Information hiding gets very important when you want to give access to only minimal interface of a module. Depending on the level of protection, this blog...



Node.js: Unit Testing with Jasmine framework

Jasmine is a framework which is used for testing node.js code or javascript code. Installation To install the latest official version, use NPM: [js]npm install jasmine-node -g[/js] Write the specifications for your code in *.js and *.coffee files in the spec/ directory Execution After installing the npm package, you can...