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Mounting Google Drive in Linux

Google Drive is an indispensable part of our life nowadays. From sharing almost every type of file to anyone/anywhere around the world has reduced our cost and time tremendously from self-hosting an FTP server and taking care of its security. From DevOps perspective, it becomes even more convenient if we could have our google...

by Vaibhav Gulati
Tag: Mounting


Mounting an EBS Volume to an Instance and Soft Linking a Growing Directory to it

We were having a crisis on our project the other day. The VPS on which we were running our application had some issues with kernel and Tomcat, for that matter, any java process was running unpredictably. Tomcat would explode the WAR file once in a while and even if it did, it would just pause at "Deploying app.war" forever. After spending...

by Vivek Krishna
Tag: Mounting