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Debugging with Bright Script Logger

Logs are always very useful for software developers. It helps developers identify the problems & issues with their programs. Logs help them print data on the console & debug their code. Are logs really that easy to use  Logs seem pretty much handy, but there are some problems too with logs, and one of the biggest problems...

by Sharooque Naushad
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Blockchain for subscription management in OTT

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including the world of over-the-top (OTT) streaming. This blog will explore how blockchain can be used for subscription management in the OTT world. Decentralized Subscription Management: In a traditional OTT environment, a centralized authority, such as a...

by Rajnish Kumar
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Data & Analytics

Big Data Analytics: The key to delivering better online streaming experiences

Continuous digitalization, improving networking speed, and multifold growth of internet users globally have been the major catalysts for a dramatic spike in the growth of the over-the-top (OTT) video streaming industry recently. According to the recent research by IHS Markit Technology, online streaming service subscriptions are expected...

by Juvaria Khan
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“Controlled Chaos” – Moderating the User Generated Content

Back in 2007, a movie featuring Madhuri Dixit was released; a film where we could see the quintessential heroine of the Indian screen after almost a decade. This movie was a disaster, but it gained bad publicity because of a completely different reason. A few lines in one of the songs were not taken well by a community and hence was...

by Akhil
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Devil’s’ Advocacy for India’s OTT Goldrush

We saw the rise and fall of food-tech in the past few years and there are clear lessons that everyone has learnt. First lesson, it is not a gold rush but a rat-race; a maddening race that everyone wants to run or has a mandate to run. Second lesson is to think about the running operations before even conceptualising the product. ...

by Akhil
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