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How to Use Composer to Manage Dependencies in Drupal 8?

Even before I start, I would like to shed some light on what is Composer and how we can build a website using Drupal 8. Let's start with point to point introduction and usage of each key component while managing/developing Drupal 8 Website: What is Composer? What is Packagist? Composer and Drupal 8 Commit composer.json and...

by Manish Jatwani
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Introduction to PolymerJS: Building Web Components

In the history of web development there have been many changes. Day by day new innovations were introduced in the market to make web more interative and meet user expectations. Javascript has evolve a lot due to these innovations but HTML hasn't grown that much. So at the end of the day we end up in writting more and more javascript code...

by Komal Jain
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Comparison between Angular and Polymer

Angular :-  Angular is a robust application level js framework based on MVC pattern, facilitate you to extend HTML's syntax to express application's components clearly. Angular's bi-directional data binding and dependency injection reduce code complexity and development time. Polymer :- Polymer is a lightweight js library used to build...

by Anil Joshi
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