Komal Jain

Komal is a senior software developer at TTN Digital based in India. She has been a part of fast-paced teams involved in delivering customised solutions around the world. She has considerable experience on NodeJS, AngularJS, Polymer, Java, Groovy, MongoDB etc


FullStack 2016,London : Day 3

Second day of FullStack, 2016 London was full of knowledge, great workshops and more amazing people. It felt so good to meet people who have developed some awesome products that we have been using since long and provide an experience to our customers. I got a chance to talk with Heroku and twillio and they explained their future vision to...


Agile, AngularJS

FullStack 2016 Day 1

As some of you might already know, FullStack 2016 was recently concluded in London and was a full packed house this time with the tickets being sold out about a week in advance. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the event as a speaker and was talking about PolymerJS. But more than the speaking opportunity, what got me excited was the...



Introduction to PolymerJS: Building Web Components

In the history of web development there have been many changes. Day by day new innovations were introduced in the market to make web more interative and meet user expectations. Javascript has evolve a lot due to these innovations but HTML hasn't grown that much. So at the end of the day we end up in writting more and more javascript code...


AWS, Grails

Integrating Amazon S3 in Grails Application

Recently in my project, we needed to store documents on some cloud based storage. So we choose Amazon S3 as it is secure and has proper backup mechanism and enough data centres so that we have minimum latency to access the server. Amazon has provided a great API available in different languages and we can use their Java API in our Grails...


AngularJS, Grails

Testing promises with Jasmine

We have been using Jasmine to test our angular code. Recently I came across a piece of code in Javascript which included a REST API call and returned a promise. The promise then had a success callback and all the rest of the play. So in this blog, I have tried to illustrate how to test a promise. Here I have a function which returns a...


Grails, Java

Spring Events With Grails

Hi, There arise several situations where you need to implement a certain flow comprising of various tasks. These tasks may be executed independent of each other and it gives us an opportunity to separate out the different parts of a flow into separate threads that can be executed "asynchronously". I had a very similar use case...


Grails, Java

MultikeyMap : Nested maps solution.

Hi everyone , recently I came accross a usecase where I had to map multiple keys against one value. So Juggling with this I came to know about MultiKeyMap of apache. MultikeyMap is used to map multiple keys against one value . The purpose of this class is to avoid the need to write code to handle maps of maps. It simply implements...



Customizing Fusion Chart For Various Type Via Grails

Hi everyone, Recently in my Grails project I had to implement various fusion charts simultaneously on a single page. When I started implementing multiple fusion charts on a single page, the code became quite messy and complex. It became difficult even for me to understand and handle so many charts. This resulted in a lot of spaghetti...



Instagram API: Fetch user’s followers and media

In my previous blog we learnt how to integrate Instagram login functionality in a Grails web app. Now we will see how to get Instagram user's followers and media. Once a user is logged in via the Instagram login API, we get a JSON response containing the logged in user's profile information in JSON Format. A sample JSON is as follows: ...



Using the Instagram Login API via Grails

In my current web application, I had to integrate login functionality via Instagram. To do so, I had to go through the following steps: 1. First you have to register your application using this link. In order to register your application, you need to have an Instagram account which can be done through Instagram's mobile application. ...