Unlock Your Pardot Potential: Maximize your Marketing Automation Performance

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Exploring Marketing Automation

According to a report by Statista, By the end of 2023, the market for marketing automation technology is anticipated to reach $25.1 billion.

But what exactly is marketing automation? Let’s find out. 

Marketing automation is a way to automate voluminous marketing processes. Platforms of marketing automation are made to gather and utilize marketing data to improve the efficacy and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Such Platforms can leverage data and patterns to do a variety of things, like send reminders, start lead generation material, and schedule emails and social media posts which in turn increases the number of customers. 

Why should you choose Pardot?

There are many such automation tools available in the market but the one particular tool I’d like to talk to you about is Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot is a B2B Marketing automation tool which has the capability to perform complex tasks quite easily. Previously, end-to-end service management was handled by Pardot-Classic, but since it underwent an upgrade, Pardot-Lightning has taken over as the preferred option.

Pardot offers all of the solutions under one dome, which includes reporting, user segmentations based on various business requirements, engagement journey flows for complex programs, lead nurturing, lead scoring for assigning and targeting users based on their actions in addition to profile compatibility, integrations with third-party apps to fetch and extract data to provide insights, and dashboards for highlighting key performance indicators for campaigns.

With Pardot, We can manage extensive and complex marketing campaigns and track their progress in one place. Furthermore, it keeps track of customers’ interactions with the website, emails, and form-filling platforms so that the sales and marketing teams can provide a customized experience. Through Pardot, we get the ability to adapt marketing strategies to the business’s needs and design customized engagements.


Now let’s look at some of its main features- 

  1. Lead management
  • Grading allows us to match the prospect to the ideal customer profile. This may gauge information such as Job title, Location, Industry and much more. The grades range from A to F such as A,A-,B and so on and these  are increased or decreased in the ratio of +-⅓. 
  • With lead scoring, you can keep track of and give prospects a numerical value depending on how they interact with your marketing material.

       2.Engagement studio 

  • It allows us to create complex journeys for prospects in the database. 
  • For creating a logic based campaign with the help of Action, trigger and rules for different channels, Engagement studio is your go to partner!
  1. Reports and Dashboards
  • Pardot will track every interaction a lead has with your marketing materials, including landing pages, e-mails, and complete customer journeys, and provide data on how well they are doing. 
  • You can view a summary of your complete Pardot account on the dashboard. We can also view the quantity of prospects along with customers and opportunities.
  1. Pardot Einstein
  •  AI integration called Einstein analyzes the data with the help of its own algorithms from Salesforce and Pardot and provides clear scores and information on the highly engaged prospects and successful campaigns.

      5.Pardot email campaign

  • Pardot has an intuitive interface and necessary features such as  A/B testing, segmentation, and dynamic content generation. 
  • With advanced email analytics you get additional advantages of knowing the skimmed percentage as well as the glanced percentage.

Comparison of Pardot with other tools –

How TTN can help you with marketing automation using Pardot 

Pardot provides a great platform for running your email campaigns. Be it reporting the numbers of the delivery or managing the sub-folders of the mails. Additionally, Pardot provided automated reports- let you know about how well your campaign did! 

So, no need to think anymore, We ourselves have tremendous experience in providing email marketing services along with reports generation for multi-site megachurch ministries and other B2C companies.

Now, You may be thinking-What about the quality assurance of the mail?

Don’t Worry! After the creation of the mail, a rigorous and thorough testing is done to ensure and maintain the quality before sending the mail.  

Not only this, we also have the capability to create custom emails through HTML,CSS and a majority of front-end tools so you can sit back and relax- while we create the email as per your vision. 

We believe that through a well-planned and structured way, the email campaigns can create a huge positive impact on the metrics which will definitely boost up the number of conversions. 

We at TO THE NEW, provide Marketing automation services for your end-to-end business needs. Setting up an instance from scratch, providing best-in-class insights for your campaigns and optimizations of marketing automation resources bundled together with full stack support for development, will help your business scale exponentially. 


Want to take your marketing automation game to the next level? Look out for the marketing automation tool which is best suited for your needs. Identifying the audience, you are catering and categorizing the aim of business output required is half a job done. Implementing those solutions in a way which will boost up the numbers is the rest.  Fortunately, we provide all the required comprehensive services. Hence, To upscale your business and to provide best in class marketing automation services, it’s essential to make wise use of the platforms available. With the right strategy, you can unlock the full potential of the tool to create an unbeatable marketing machine.


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