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Starting a YouTube channel is easy but keeping it up and running is somewhat tipsy. You struggle to get enough views and subscribers in the beginning and it doesn’t matter how good your content is, you rank low. This is because you still have to optimize your videos with proper tags and long but relevant description in regards to your video. Stay consistent in uploading videos in order to let the viewers know that you actually are working on your channel.

To make this troublesome process easy, a YouTube partnership platform called Freedom extends its hand out to you. Freedom is a platform just like YouTube which lets you optimize your YouTube channel for better views and in turn, better revenue.


To be a part of Freedom!, your YouTube account should be partnered with YouTube. Freedom itself does not help you in promoting your videos but it offers you a set of tools that you can use to generate better views and maintain content ID claim-free of your YouTube Channel.

George the founder of Freedom!, uploads a number of instructional videos on his channel as to how beneficial Freedom can be. Check out his channel here

After being a partner with Freedom you can take all the advantages of Freedom. Freedom provides you thousands of free copyright music which you can use in your videos. Moreover, if any of those thousand music gets a copyright claim, an e-mail to freedom would get you rid of the copyright infringement. Cool isn’t it?

Apart from these Freedom also lets you optimize your channel, Freedom provides it chrome extension called Heartbeat. Heartbeat helps users in proper optimization of  YouTube videos. It helps you find YouTube users with similar channels and interest and create collaborations with them. Heartbeat allows user to clone annotations from one video to another maintaining the exact same timing.

Additionally, Heartbeat also offers a service that helps users to customize YouTube to make YouTube look colorful and fancy.

Take a look at the services provided by Heartbeat in the reference images below

1. YouTube related services which lets you know the rating of any video, the number of comments on a particular video and preview a video in the thumbnail box before actually playing it.


2. Not just YouTube, Heartbeat also offers its services to Twitch, a game live streaming platform for gamers.


3. Heartbeat also extends its service support to Hitbox TV.


4. Widely used video platform Dailymotion too has Heartbeat service support.


5. This service of Heartbeat is for the livesteamers and people who watch livesteaming on YouTube.


6. An inbuilt Music Player for those who do not want to watch a video but only listen to music from YouTube. Music can be playlisted in this tiny extension from Freedom!


7. Custom theme for YouTube, Make YouTube look the way you like!


8. Here are some more suggestions from Heartbeat that you can make use of (in the black rectangular box).


Video Optimization Using Heartbeat

Heartbeat also provides a tool for optimizing your YouTube videos.

Check the reference images below:

1. Heartbeat offers users to clone annotations from one video to another, remove annotations and Program videobar which you understand in the images below.


2. The Program Videobar allows users to place annotations to let viewers skip to a specific region or time of the video length.


3. A simple way to remove the annotations. The catch here is that you can either remove all of the annotations or just the ones that you copied from the heartbeat cloning tool.








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