What is MBaaS ?

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Backend integration is the most complex task in developing mobile applications. When it comes to enterprise mobility solutions, integrating mobile applications with client libraries and its security implications have been the greatest challenges for developers thereby increasing the time to market.

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Mobile application developers also face some more challenges such as:

  •         Complex line-of-business requirements
  •         User Interface and Experience across multiple devices
  •         Need for short and frequent development cycles

Even though conventional techniques to develop mobile applications are still relevant, MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) addresses the aforementioned challenges in an effective manner.

MBaaS is now catching everyone’s attention owing to its benefits such as rapid development and secure integration with multiple public cloud services. MBaaS also offers a number of other features like social media integration, push notifications, user management, multiple third-party integration and release for multiple platforms and devices

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If you are looking at making backend development more efficient, reducing the time to market, simplifying integration and bringing consistency across platforms, MBaaS is for you. 

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