Writing sentences with Groovy 2.0

22 / Mar / 2012 by Vivek Krishna 1 comments

Groovy 2.0 comes with some amazing new features, which prompted a numbering scheme jump from 1.9.x to 2.0. One of the key features that I took note while going through  Guillaume Laforge’s presentation at 33rd Degree was the support for plain language sentences made possible by optional parentheses,  and dots.

We love the language and we love pizza! So, I put together a small script to demonstrate the power of natural language support available on Groovy 2.0 (Tested the feature on 2.0.0-beta2).

The PizzaDelivery takes orders and outputs the order.


class PizzaDelivery {

Integer quantity
String topping
Date time

PizzaDelivery need(Integer quantity){
this.quantity = quantity
return this

PizzaDelivery with(String topping){
this.topping = topping
return this

PizzaDelivery at(String time) {
this.time = Date.parse(‘h:mm’, time)
return this

String toString(){
return "${quantity} ${topping} at ${time.format(‘h:mm’)} hours"

PizzaDelivery pizzaDelivery = new PizzaDelivery()
need 3 with ‘pepperoni’ at ‘6:00’           // need(3).with(‘pepperoni’).at("6:00")

println pizzaDelivery


This will allow us to create very simple yet elegant DSLs which would feel like English or any other language that one feels comfortable with.


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