Vagrant – for Creating Lightweight Virtual Environments

Every application that you build needs an infrastructure that can be as simple as a server or as complex as a large collection of software and other utilities. Any application in the least would require a server with relevant software configured. Smaller applications can do with a simple setup but it becomes complex for huge...

by Anila Wadhera
Tag: DSL


Day 3 at SpringOne2GX 2013

Day 3 of SpringOne2GX'13 was full of new experiences and learning. Knowledge is flowing everywhere and its an amazing feeling listening to the people whom we have been reading and following for so long. The energy and enthusiasm among both attendees and presenters are very high and really appreciable. It reminds me of our Code Camp days...

by Mohd Farid
Tag: DSL


Writing sentences with Groovy 2.0

Groovy 2.0 comes with some amazing new features, which prompted a numbering scheme jump from 1.9.x to 2.0. One of the key features that I took note while going through  Guillaume Laforge's presentation at 33rd Degree was the support for plain language sentences made possible by optional parentheses,  and dots. We love the language...

by Vivek Krishna
Tag: DSL


Playing with call() using Groovy Metaprogramming

In groovy you can use "()" with any groovy object which in turn evaluates to invocation of call() method on that object. For example, the following are valid Groovy statements : [groovy] List myList=["one", "two"] myList() 10() 500 6+5 [name:"Bhagwat", profession:"Software engineer"] name ...

by Bhagwat Kumar
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