New Delhi Cassandra Users Meetup, November 2014

12 / Dec / 2014 by Salil 0 comments

First of all, I want to apologize for writing this post so late.
Last Saturday, November 29, 2014 – IntelliGrape organized New Delhi Cassandra Users Meetup. This was the first meetup from this group, where we presented two sessions:
 * Cassandra Core Concepts and Design Internals by Salil (slides)
 * DataStax Java driver walkthrough by Narinder (slides)

In the previous session (Cassandra Core Concepts and Design Internals), we walked through the Cassandra core features, architecture and data modeling essentials. Also, we talked about the key components involved in the Cassandra’s workflow to store and fetch the data.

In the next session (DataStax Java driver walkthrough), Narinder introduced the audience with the CQL and DataStax Java driver. He demonstrated the different use cases through the Java code which is available on Github here

Overall, it was really a great meet-up/audience- full of energy. Looking forward to have the next one soon!

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