Creating a Perfect System in few minutes.

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There might come up a case where you need to install same kind of OS and other Softwares( which are required for daily use) on multiple systems. One of the ways to do it is follow the same procedure on each of the machines, which is obviously a pain. Here’s a easy way to do it by using Clonezilla.

Now with clonezilla you will have to setup one system only, this this would obviously take time. But once the first system is done, you can just setup rest on other machines in few minutes.

Here are the steps, that I used to follow to create system with both Windows 7 and Ubuntu in under 10 minutes. With all softwares installed which included Counter strike on windows, Couple of IDE’s on Ubuntu and Git , mySql , Java and more on Ubuntu.

  1. Setup a perfect system. Install OS and other software that are required. Once the system is ready we need to download few softwares.
    1. 7zip ( p7zip-full_9.04~dfsg.1-1_i386.deb).
    2. Tuxboot (Tuxboot-linux-8 ).
    3. Clonezilla (clonezilla-live-1.2.6-40-i686.iso).All three of these are freely available.
    4. And we would also need a USB drive preferably with space more than 16GB , as windows 7 installation takes 15 GB approx and Ubuntu 11.10 will take around 6GB and little extra for other softwares. Clonezilla uses very effective compression technique will reduce size to approx half. So 16GB USB drive would work just fine.
  2. Install CloneZilla on USB drive.
  3. Once Clonezilla is installed , its time to make image of Perfect System.
  4. After image is done, we are ready to clone out perfect system, to other machines.
  5. Making Clone of Existing image, Process to make clone are pretty much same as process described in step-3. Except Step-11 of “making image” . Just select restore disk, this will create clone of image on disk. And ALL EXISTING DATA FROM DISK WILL BE ERASED. Following  are the links of images depicting step 5.  Image 1,Image 2,Image 3,Image 4,Image 5,Image 6,Image 7,Image 8,Image 9. There images are taken from a camera, hence please don’t mind  their quality.
  6. This is it , your next system is ready within few minutes. Now this process can be repeated again and again, to create clone of existing systems.

Hitesh Bhatia

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