Custom Transport Handler in CQ5/AEM

13 / Oct / 2014 by Vivek Sachdeva 0 comments

While integrating ElasticSearch with AEM, I used custom replication agent, for indexing data to  ElasticSearch server, as replication agent manages a queue in case replication is not successful and tries it again(after specified time).

But the problem I faced was that on successful indexing(insertion/updation), ElasticSearch return “201 OK” response but the replication agent considers only “200” response code as success and even 201 is considered as “fail” . So the replication content was never removed from the queue even though data was indexed.

The solution I came up with was to use my own transport handler that handles replication for “Elastic Server Replication Agent”. Following are the steps to do it:

  • Create a class that implements TransportHandler interface


@Component(label = “My Transport Handler”, immediate = true, enabled = true)
class CustomTransportHandler implements TransportHandler {



  • Following 2 methods need to be implemented:


boolean canHandle(AgentConfig agentConfig) {
// return true in case agentConfig.getTransportURI() matches the one for our own replication agent

ReplicationResult deliver(TransportContext transportContext, ReplicationTransaction replicationTransaction) throws ReplicationException {
// return ReplicationResult.OK in case of successful indexing. In this case content is deleted from the queue.


This way you can customize and manage your own transport handler and have full control over it.

Hope this helps!!

Vivek Sachdeva


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