Day 3 at SpringOne 2GX 2014

11 / Sep / 2014 by Uday Pratap Singh 0 comments

Day 3 started sharp at 7:30 with the breakfast and then the sessions started from 8:30 AM and continued till 6:00 PM. The day was jam packed with varying sessions on Groovy, Grails, performance optimisation and the “Groovy puzzlers show” (Yes, it was a show 😉 ).

The highlights of the day were:

#  Microservice Architecture With Grails : Jeff Brown

  • Versioning of the Rest API with namespace
  • Resource annotation and your API is ready.
  • Restful controllers to override the default rest implementation of Grails
  • Plugin to build rest api : rest client plugin
  • Demo where the web app calling rest api


# GORM Inside And Out : Jeff Brown

  • GORM domain modelling
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional relationships
  • GORM where queries to make your code more groovier
  • GORM finders and criteria queries


# Advanced GORM: Beyond Relational : Graeme Rocher

  • GORM – Powerful where queries and their usages.
  • GORM – Implementation on MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra
  • GORM improved API to support more MongoDB features like search, polygon etc


# Ratpack and Grails 3 : Lari Hotari

  • Explained the Amdahl’s law and Little’s law for performance
  • Quick demo of “Hello World” in Ratpack
  • Async Model programming in Ratpack
  • Bean injection in Ratpack


# Java 8 for Groovy Programmers : Venkat Subramaniam

Venkat’s session was focused on how Java 8 and Groovy compare. Venkat’s  session touched upon the similarities and differences between Java 8 and Groovy. Then he did a dive into the *cool* goodies thrown in by Java 8 like:

  • Default Methods
  • Method References
  • Lazy Evaluations
  • Infinite Series
  • Parallel collections
  • InvokeDynamic


# Groovy and Grails Puzzlers – As usual – Traps, Pitfalls, and End Cases : Baruch Sadogursky, Fred Simon

The Groovy and Grails Puzzler stood especially with its ability to be engaging and  where everybody had WTF moments. Every time you guess the answer with full confidence, Groovy proved you wrong. It was all about the hidden facts about groovy and how not to code so that you save your soul from being trapped into these gotchas.

The whole day was amazing and full of excitement. Learned so many new things and hidden truths of Grails and Groovy, waiting for tomorrow to enlighten myself even more :).


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